Matt Phillips
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(2/14) TSA Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
Sump Pumped Sentiments (With Shara Hughes, Gideon Bok, Todd Bienvenu, and Jason Mones. Curated by Matt Phillips)

(2/14) De Buck Gallery, New York, NY
Woodpoint & Kingsland Presents Art on Skateboards

(1/14) Steven Harvey Projects, New York, NY Projector 237 (with Peter Acheson, Lester Johnson, Lauren Luloff, Sangram Majumdar, and Matt Philips)

(12/13) Gorky's Granddaughter Interview.

(11/13) Matt Phillips: Small Paintings. Kate Alkarni Gallery.

(11/13) Split Seven. With Yevgeniya Baras, Michael Kennedy Costa, Ariel Dill, Dana Frankfort, Sean Greene, Clare Grill, Jessie LeBaron, Russell Tyler, Keith J. Varadi, and Joel Werring. Curated by Matt Phillips. Fowler Arts. Brooklyn, NY

(10/13) Come Together: Surviving Sandy. Curated by Phong Bui. Industry City - Brooklyn, NY

(8/13) Both, And: Recent Paintings by Matt Phillips. Curated by John Stomberg. Branch Gallery - 18 Holden Street. North Adams, MA

(7/13) Summer Session. Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects New York, NY.