Matt Phillips
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(12/12) Life on Mars, Brooklyn, NY. Back to The Future (Pt.1). With Yevgeniya Baras, Todd Bienvenu, Travis Fairclough, Daniel John Gadd, EJ Hauser, Samuel Jablon, Dana James, Meg Lipke, Mike Olin, Mandy Lyn Perez, Matt Phillips and Jason Rohlf.

(12/4) Miami Project Art Fair. With Steven Harvey Projects.
Yevgeniya Baras, Richard Diebenkorn, Robert Harms, Alex Katz, Peter LaBier, Tim Lokiec, Sangram Majumdar, Matt Phillips, Eleanor Ray

(11/6) 2014 EAB Fair, New York, NY. (with Wingate Studio)

(10/11) Geoffery Young Gallery, Great Barrington, MA. Diamonds and Doughnuts

(10/3) University of Maine Museum of Art Staring at the Sun with a Penny in My Pocket
Curated by George Kinghorn

(7/10) Art Market Hamptons

(7/8) Steven Harvey Projects, NY, NY
The Jam III

(6/27) New Bedford Art Museum, MA
The Jam II Curated by Joan Backes.
Featuring a collaborative mural with Andrea Bergart

(6/19) Brian Morris Gallery, NY, NY
Second Sight with Russell Tyler & Sean Greene